A Cumulative Index to the Liberian Studies Journal,
Volumes 15-21

Arranged by Volume, Author and Title
Prepared by Arnold Odio

Volumes 1-10
Volumes 11-14
Volume 15
Volume 16
Volume 17
Volume 18
Volume 19
Volume 20
Volume 21

Volume 15 - 1990 - Numbers I and 2

  • Allen, C. William, article: Soaring Above the Cloud of Mediocrity: The Challenges of the Liberian Press in the Nineties, 74 Number 1.
  • Beasley, Marion G. & W. B. Rogers, review of BOLAHUN, by Ralph T. Milligan, 129 Number 1.
  • Conteh, Al-Hassan, article: Reflections on Some Concepts of Religion and Medicine in Liberian Society, 142 Number 2.
  • Holsoe, Svend E., article: Zolu Duma, Ruler of the Southern Vai, 17??-1828: A Problem in Historical Interpretation, 91 Number 2.
  • Kimble, Frank B., article: The United States-Liberia Operational Experts Project, 1 Number 1.
  • Knoll, Arthur J., review of A Bibliography of Books and articles on Liberia as edited in German Speaking Countries Since 1960, by Robert Kappel and Wemer Korte, 127 Number 1.
  • Kollehlon, Konia T., review of Civilized Women: Gender and Prestige in Southeastern Liberia, by Mary H. Moran, 132 Number 1.
  • Meacham, Carl. E., article: Peace Corps Service in Liberia, 1965-1966: Reflections of an African-American Volunteer, 85 Number 1.
  • Monts, Lester P., article: Social and Musical Responses to Islam among the Vai during the Early Twentieth Century, 108 Number 2.
  • Moore, Bai Tamia, article: Problems of Vai Identity in Terms of My Own Experience, 10 Number 2.
  • Odio, Arnold and Dianne Oyler, article: Landsman: The Conversations of Bai T. Moore, 13 Number 2.
  • Ofri-Scheps, Dorith, article: Bai T. Moore's Poetry and Liberian Identity, 26 Number 2.
  • Singler, John Victor, article: Linguistics and Liberian languages in the 1970's and 1980's: A Bibliography, 108 Number 1.
  • Singler, John Victor, article: The Day Will Come: J.J. Walters and Guanya Pau, 125 Number 2.
  • Smyke, Raymond J., article: Fatima Massaquoi Fahnbulleh (1912-1978) Pioneer Woman Educator, 48 Number 1.
  • Stone, Ruth M., article: Ingenious Invention: The Indigenous Kpelle Script in the Late Twentieth Century, 139 Number 2.
  • Tarr, Byron, article: Founding the Liberia Action Party, 13 Number 1.


Volume 16 - 1991- Numbers 1 and 2

  • Fanner, Garland R., article: 'About Landsdell Christie: American Pioneer in Liberia, Liberian Iron Ore Magnate in America," 1 number 2.
  • Farrner, Garland R., article: About Landsell K. Christie, the "Liberian Iron Ore Industry and Some Related People and Events: Getting There," 1 number 1.
  • Gernianin, Jacques, review of Peuples de la Foret de Guinee," by Martin Ford, 95 number 1.
  • Geysbeek, Tim and Jobba K. Kamara, article: "Zo Musa, Foningama, and the Founding of Musadu in the Oral Traditions of the Konyaka," 27 number 1.
  • Harden, Blaine, review of 'Africa: Dispatches From A Fragile Continent," by C. William Allen, 98 number 1.
  • Kappel, Robert and Wemer Corte, review of "Human Rights Violations in Liberia, 1980-1990: A Documentation, by Arthur J. Knoll, 101 number 1.
  • Knoll, Arthur J., article: "Firestone's Labor Policy, 1924-1939," 49 number 2.
  • Moses, Wilson Jeremiah, review of: "Alexander Crummell: A Study of Civilization and Discontent," by Hassan B. Sisay, 91 number 2.
  • Okolo, Julius Emeka and Stephen Wright, eds., review of: "West African Regional Cooperation and Development," by D. Elwood Dunn, 95 number 2.
  • Reeves, J. Samuel, review of: "Revelation of the Religions," by Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr., 97 number 2.
  • Saha, Santosh C., review of "A History of Agriculture in Liberia 1822-1970," by Alfred B. Konuwa, 103 number 1.
  • Saunders, Janice M., article: "Liberian Higher Education at Cuttington University College: Are Both Sexes Equal?", 76 number 2.
  • Sisay, Hassan B., review of 'Big Powers and Small Nations: A case Study of United State Liberian Relations," by George Klay Kieh, Jr., 106 number 1.


Volume 17 - 1992 - Numbers 1 and 2

  • Brown, Robert H., article: A Short Analysis of Bai T. Moore's Poetry and Prose Writings, 94, Number 1.
  • Brown, Robert H., review of The African Interior Mission High School, by C. William Allen, 120 Number 1.
  • Conteh, Al-Hassan, review of West African Governments and Volunteer Development Organizations: Priorities for Partnership, by Willard R. Johnson and Vivian R. Johnson, 238 Number 2.
  • Corby, Richard A., article: Cuttington University College, Liberia: Years at Cape Palmas, 1889-1901, 1 Number 1.
  • David, M. Soniia, article: "To Be Kwii Is Good": A Personal Account of Research in a Kpelle Village, 203 Number 2.
  • Farmer, Garland, R., article: Liberian Enterprises, Ltd. "... Something That Will Help the People of Liberia," 216 Number 2.
  • Ford, Martin, review of Liberia, Facing Mount Nimba: A Documentary History of the United Nimba Citizens' Council (UNICCO), by Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr., 124 Number 1.
  • Gershoni, Yekutiel, article: The Formation of Liberia's Boundaries, Part 1: Agreements, 25 Number 1.
  • Gershoni, Yekutiel, article: Formation of the Liberian Boundaries, Part 11: The Demarcation Process, 177 Number 2.
  • Hartwig, Charles W., review of The Emergency of Autocracy in Liberia: Tragedy and Challenge, by Amos Sawyer, 247 Number 2.
  • Holmes, Patricia A., article: The Voice of America in Liberia: The End of the Road, 79 Number 1.
  • Kieh, George Klay, Jr., review of Liberian Politics Today: Some Personal Observations, by Harry Fumba Moniba, 245 Number 2.
  • Plotzki, Eugen P., article: The Bong Mine Venture, 66 Number 1
  • Sevareid, Peter, article: "I Know Money, I Don't Know Human Beings": A Mano House Palaver, 105 Number 1.
  • Smyke, Raymond J., article: Nathaniel Varney Massaquoi (1905-1962): A Bio- graphical Essay, 46 Number 1.
  • Tarr, Byron, review of The Emergence of Autocracy in Liberia: Tragedy and Challenge, by Amos Sawyer, 248 Number 2.
  • Williams, Christopher, review of The American Colonization of Society and the Creation of the Liberian State, by Amos J. Beyan, 235 Number 2.


Volume 18 - 1993 - Numbers 1 and 2

  • Burrowes, Carl Patrick, article: Some Structures of Everyday Life in Pre-Liberian Coastal Societies, 1660 to 1747, 231 Number 2.
  • Gershoni, Yekutiel, article: From ECOWAS to ECOMOG: The Liberian Crisis and the Struggle for Political Hegemony in West Africa, 21 Number 1.
  • Harris, Katherine, review of African Americans and U.S. Policy Toward Africa 1850-1924, by Elliott P. Skinner, 99 Number 1.
  • Jones, Abeodu Bowen, review of A History of the Episcopal Church in Liberia 1821-1980, by D. Elwood Dunn, 95 Number 1.
  • Kieh, George Klay and Doris H. Railey, article: Women, Sexual Harassment and Employment Opportunities in Liberia, 189 Number 2.
  • Konneh, Augustine, article: Mandingo Integration into the Liberian Political Economy, 44 Number 1.
  • Konneh, Augustine, review of Monrovia Mon Amour: A Visit to Liberia, by Anthony Davis, 245 Number 2.
  • Martin, Jane J., review of A History of the Episcopal Church in Liberia 1821-1980, by D. Elwood Dunn, 246 Number 2.
  • Mason, Melvin J., Henrique F. Tokpa, E. Othello Gongar, and Ansu G. Mason, article: Higher Education in Liberia: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, 1 Number 1.
  • Normandy, Elizabeth L., article: African-Americans and U.S. Policy Toward Liberia 1929-1935, 203 Number 2.
  • Pereira-Lunghu, Jacob, article: A Simulation Model of Investment Planning and Industrial Expansion for Liberia, 63 Number 1.
  • Reno, William, article: Foreign Firms and the Financing of Charles Taylor's NPFL, 175, Number 2.
  • Sankawulo, Wilton, article: I Dressed in Green: An Essay in Memory of Bai T. Moore or Tribute of a Cultural Hero, 88 Number 1.
  • Tarr, Byron, review of The Liberian Crisis and ECOMOG: A Bold Attempt at Regional Peacekeeping, by Margaret A. Vogt (ed.) and Operation Liberty: The Story of major General Joshua Nimyel Dogonyaro, by Nkem Agetua, 103 Number 1.


Volume 19 - 1994 - Numbers 1 and 2

  • Andrews, G. Henry, a review of "Cry, Liberia, Cry!," by Momo K. Rogers, Sr. 275 number 2.
  • Articles of Association of the Liberian Studies Association, 354 number 2
  • Beyan, Amos J., article: "The American Background of Recurrent Themes in the Political History of Liberia," 20 number 1.
  • Bradford, Robert L., article: "A Brief History of the Lutheran Church in History of the Lutheran Church in Liberia: From Dependency to Interdependence," 12 number 1.
  • d'Azevedo, Warren L., article: "Phantoms of the Hinterland: The 'Mandingo' Presence in Early Liberian Accounts," 197 number 2.
  • Fleisman Janet, article: Human Rights and the Civil War in Liberia," 173 number 2.
    Gifford, Paul, a review of: "Christianity and Politics in Doe's Liberia," by Herman B. Browne, 278 number 2.
  • Gifford, Paul, a review of "Christianity and Politics in Doe's Liberia," by R. Drew Smith, 283 number 2.
  • Guseh, James S., article: "Sexual Harassment in Liberia: A Review," 183 number 2.
  • Hendrix, Thomas C., article: "A Half Century of Americo-Liberian Christianity, With Special Focus on Methodism 1822-1872," 243 number 2.
  • Kieh, George Klay, a review of: "Dependency and the Foreign Policy of a Small Power: The Case of Liberia," by Charles W. Hartwig, 49 number 1.
  • Kulah, Arthur F., a review of: "Theological Education in Liberia: Problems and Opportunities," by Theodora Nmade Brooks, 286 number 2.
  • Malakpa, Sakui W. G., article: "The Role of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Post-War Resettlement and Reconstruction: The Case of Liberia," 1 number 1.
  • News and Notes, 294 number 2
  • Recent Publications and Theses, 293 number 2
  • Toe, J. Chris, article: "Macroeconomic Policies and Agricultural Performance in Liberia: 1980-90," 137 number 2.
  • Tonkin, Elizabeth, a review of: "Narrating Our Pasts: The Social Construction of 0ral History" by John H. Hamer, 51 number 1.
  • Twe, Bokai S., article: "A Perspective on Psychological Disorders of Liberia," 41 number 1.
  • Walters, Joseph J., a review of: "Guanya Pau: A Story of an African Princess," by C. William Allen, 289 number 2.


Volume 20 - 1995 - Numbers 1 and 2

  • Azango, Bertha Baker. review of The Episcopal Church in Liberia Under Indigenous Leadership: Reflections on a 20-Year Episcopate, by George D. Browne, 98 Number 1.
  • Brown, Robert H. article: Some Problems of Writing in Liberia and Prospects for Liberian Writers, 1 Number 1.
  • Cordor, Similih M. review article of Liberian Civil War: A Graphic Account, by James Youboty, titled, Making Sense of the Civil War in Liberia. 195 Number 2
  • Cordor, Similih M. review of West African Folktales and Instructor's Manual, by Steven H. Gale, 266 Number 2.
  • Cox, Ayele Ajavon. review of Easy Prey: Child Soldier in Liberia, by Human Rights Watch/Africa, 101 Number 1.
  • d'Azevedo, Warren L. article: Phantoms of the Hinterland: The "Mandingo" Presence in Early Liberian Accounts Part 11, 58 Number 1.
  • Konneh, Augustine. article: Arabic and Islamic Literacy in Twentieth Century Liberia, 48 Number 1.
  • Konuwa, Alfred B. review of Liberia, World Bibliographic I Series Volume 157, by D. Elwood Dunn, 263 Number 2.
  • Malakpa, Sakui W. G. article: Anti-Intellectualism: A Virulent Impediment to Socio-Economic Development- Africa's Experience, Liberia's Lesson, 37 Number 1.
  • Merchant, Wilmot T, II. review of Christianity and Politics in Doe's Liberia, by Paul Gifford. 99 Number 1.
  • Pereira-Lunghu, Jacob M. article: Trends in Government Deficits in the Liberian Economy From 1912 to 1990: Implications for Fiscal Policy in
  • Post Civil War Liberia. 207 Number 2.
  • Sevareid, Peter. article: Evidence in Nimba. 15 Number 1.
  • Wolo, Elaine Armour. article: Pragmatic Pluralism for Intercultural Unity and Education in Liberia: Literature for Children. 232 Number 2.


Volume 21 - 1996 - Numbers 1 and 2

  • Aning, Emmanuel Kwesi. article: GHANA, ECOWAS AND THE LIBERIAN CRISIS: An Analysis of Ghana's Role in Liberia. 259 Number 2.
  • Brown, Robert H. review of The Rain and the Night, by Wilton Sankawulo. 72 Number 1.
  • Brumskine, Margaret Deconte. article: Marital Rape Exemption in the United States and Possibility for Reform in Liberia. 239 Number 2.
  • Gershoni, Yekutiel. article. HISTORY REPEATED? The Liberia-Sierra Leone Border, 1905 and 1991. 33 Number 1.
  • Kieh, Jr. George Klay. review of HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE: International and National Dimensions, by David P. Forsythe. 308 Number 2.
  • Konuwa, Alfred B. review of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: the Morality Cost of Colonizing Liberia in the Nineteenth Century, by Antonio McDaniel. 304 Number 2.
  • Malakpa, Sakui W.G. article. Toward Cultural Pluralism in Education. 50 Number 1.
  • Nyan, Dougbeh C. review of Ethnische Tradition und Militarische Intervention in Afrika: Essay uber den Putsch von 1980 in Liberia, by Wemer Korte. 86 Number 1.
  • Rainey, Timothy A. article. BUFFALO SOLDIERS IN AFRICA: The U.S. Army and the Liberian Frontier Force, 1912-1927, An Overview. 203 Number 2.
  • Rogers, Momo K. article. The Liberian Press Under Military Rule. 7 Number 1. review of The Liberian Civil War 1990-1994, by Joe M. Bee and Aaron Von Williamson. 300 Number 2.
  • Twe, Boikai S. article. Edward W. Blyden's Lessons in African Psychology. 169 Number 2.