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The Holsoe Collection

The Svend E. Holsoe Collection is the largest and most comprehensive collection, including:
  • Copies of Liberian Government Archive Documents
    [c. 1859& - c. 1983]
  • Genealogical Records,including analyses & family trees developed from records
  • Ethnographic surveys taken for Liberian Radio Project in 1980s
  • Field notes & linguistic tapes of Vai research
  • Vai Script materials - research notes, examples, articles
  • Slides & photos covering many Liberian time periods, geographical areas, & activities
During the terrible Liberian civil war, which broke out in 1989 and continued until 2003, the National Archives and other buildings housing historical documents, media, and artifacts were looted and damaged or destroyed. The Liberian Government Archives, part of the Holsoe Collection, often contains the only extant copies of important historical and cultural documents. The condition of these materials must be assessed, conservation needs met, and the intellectual content made available to Liberians in Liberia and its diaspora and to scholars everywhere.

To view the IULC's Svend E. Holsoe Collection or access information about how to obtain materials for research, please click the link below to visit the IU Finding Aids website.

Indiana University Finding Aids, Holsoe Collection

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