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Friends of Liberia

Friends of Liberia (FOL) was founded as a non-profit organization in 1986 by former Peace Corps volunteers and others who were interested in partnering with Liberians on development efforts. In the early 1990s, civil war began to spread throughout the country. At this time, FOL officer Jim Gray, a former Peace Corps volunteer, began to compile an e-mail distribution list of news stories, public service announcements, and other press materials, which he sent out several times a week. Fortunately, he preserved most of his news distributions electronically.
The Friends of Liberia news archives contain all of the extant news distributions by Mr. Gray from 1995 through March 2003. Since then, the Liberian Collections Project has continued the news distribution service for the Friends of Liberia and its distributions are also included in the Friends of Liberia Collection.
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