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The Liberian Collections Project is an Archives of Traditional Music (ATM) initiative, but its materials include many formats in addition to audio music recordings. The contents are primarily historical and ethnographic documents, but include a variety of formats.
The two core collections of the Liberian Collections Project are the Svend E. Holsoe Collection and the Warren L. d´Azevedo Collection, formerly known as the Institute for Liberian Studies. The collections consist of over 250 cubic feet of materials including historical and ethnographic documents, newspapers, government publications, books, journals, dissertations, maps, slides, negatives, photographs, microfilms, audio and video tapes, artifacts and memorabilia. The Holsoe Collection consists of ethnographic materials and a large body of historical materials. One of the most important portions of the Holsoe Collection is the Liberian governmental archives, over 20 cubic feet of governmental records covering the period from 1859 through 1983. The d´Azevedo Collection consists of essentially ethnographic materials, which formed the basis of Dr. d´Azevedo´s seminal work on the artist in Gola culture in Liberia.
In addition to these two core collections, there are other smaller collections. The George Herzog Liberian Materials, as well as donations by Ruth and Verlon Stone, Jane Martin, William Siegmann, Jeanette Carter, and John and Judy Gay make up the smaller collections.
The collections of the Liberian Collections Project are stored in nearly 300 boxes at the ATM. Some materials are now available by appointment to scholars at the ATM Listening Library. More will be available as the materials are processed and indexed.
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