The W.V.S. Tubman Papers Collection


Initial recovery of Tubman Papers at Tubman Estate
Tubman documents as found on damp floor of Estate library
Archivists from Liberian National Archives recovering Tubman Papers
Elwood Dunn examining recovered Tubman Papers
Liberian archivist carefully unfolding potentially contaminated document
Wood-working shop where Tubman shipping boxes were built
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Carpenter constructing Tubman shipping boxes
Endangered Archives Programme team members sorting and packing recovered documents
Preservation expert, Jacob Nadal, packing Tubman Papers for shipment
Cases packed with recovered documents awaiting air shipment to U.S.
Tubman Papers stored beside preservation lab freeze-drying cabinet
Tubman Papers awaiting conservation treatment after deep freeze process
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Preservation specialist cleaning recovered Tubman document
Flattening and drying Tubman documents
Preservation lab specialists giving contaminated documents a disinfectant bath
Former purpose-built National Archives building looted in early 1990s
The J.J. Roberts House now holds Liberia’s National Archives
Jacob Nadal conducting workshop on paper conservation methods at the Liberian National Archives
Correspondence files in the Presidential Archives of the Executive Mansion
Presidential Archives storage in the Executive Mansion
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